Arranged Marriages Against Survival of the Fittest

4 min readOct 8, 2022
Image by Suarbhi

“Damn! I am such an introvert… How would I find someone to marry me?”

“It’s alright honey, your father was like that but see how he got a woman like me…. Arrange marriage is the answer dear!”

While the rest of the world is having anxiety to do the best in order to score a life partner, in the culture of arrange marriages, it’s least of the worries. Especially for men.

I see in western movies and dramas that men lose confidence if they are lacking in anything from looks to money. They are either afraid of getting married or not getting anyone to love them in the first place. In our Desi culture no matter how a man looks, he would find a bride for sure. No one is going to ask the girl anyway. I know the culture is changing but for majority it is still the same.

A cousin of mine got married to her first cousin a few days ago (against her will) and a funny thought strike me. Is arrange marriage culture fighting against the ‘Survival of the fittest’ culture?

Imagine if everyone on this planet was totally free to choose their life partner, how many of you would never have a chance of getting married because of insecurities like looks, body shape, financial status, ethnicity, skin color, education and on and on?